Remember that part in Breaking Bad when the bathtub fell through the floor? The Money Pit did it first. (Okay, just the bottom of the tub fell through the floor in Breaking Bad, and there was a dissolved drug dealer in it, but work with us here.) Remember when character actor Alexander Godunov played one of the bad guys in Die Hard? The Money Pit did it first. (Okay, he was just a preening symphony conductor in The Money Pit and not a German terrorist, but again, work with us here.) Remember when Turner & Hooch and Troop Beverly Hills were the Tom Hanks and Shelly Long movies that played 24 hours a day on HBO? You guessed it: The Money Pit did it first.

Ah yes, 1986’s The Money Pit, the story of a young couple and the house they buy for the suspiciously low price of $200,000. Endless home improvement hijinks, shady contractors (“Two weeks!”), and raccoons living in dumb waiters ensue. Hanks and Long are terrific, of course, and Joe Mantegna and Yakov Smirnoff make their ubiquitous mid-’80s cameos.

Want to see it on the big screen? Now you can, on Wednesday, November 20, at Bay View’s Avalon Theater. The screening is a joint presentation from us and Lakefront Brewery, and is part of the brewery’s annual “Hanksgiving” celebration. And it wouldn’t be Hanksgiving without a special Avalon menu item: an open face roast turkey sandwich on sourdough with turkey-sage gravy and sweet potato mash ($13). Tickets to the movie are $5. GET ‘EM NOW.

And yeah, The Money Pit is technically a remake of 1948’s Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, which means Carey Grant did it first. See you in November!