Last year, Fuzzysurf officially made its presence known with Fuzzy & The Surfs. The band’s sophomore album was packed with timeless and criminally catchy ditties that earned the indie-pop outfit a top-10 spot in our Best Milwaukee Albums Of 2019 list and inspired some truly awesome music videos. The trend of next-level visuals continued into this year, when Fuzzysurf ended its Fuzzy & The Surfs album cycle in grand fashion with footage of possession and puppetry in its “Killing Time” video, then almost immediately followed that with a few other impressive videos for songs that hadn’t been released yet.

With four new singles already out in the world, Fuzzysurf is finally prepared to let listeners hear the rest of its forthcoming album when the band releases Sweet Tooth on September 8. The prolific group’s third record features a winning blend of 10 infectious and effervescent tracks that merge elements of modern indie rock with a welcome jolt of ’60s-era surf. Though self-produced and self-recorded (except drums, which were recorded at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago), the ever-active outfit’s latest release boasts a higher production value than its predecessors, with layered harmonies, keyboard flourishes, and even a full-fledged horn section accompanying the band on three standout songs.

While a few tracks—especially the record’s last three offerings—nod to pop songs from prior decades, the generation-jumping members of Fuzzysurf also ably bound into new sonic territory during the sub-30-minute album with certified earworm “How Do You Decide,” as well as the synth-y banger “Surfana” and should-be radio regular “Electric Trick.”

Though Milwaukee didn’t get to see Fuzzysurf play out live anywhere this summer, the band is ending the season with a bang by managing some of its best material yet and treating listeners to some definite ear candy with Sweet Tooth. Before Fuzzysurf releases Sweet Tooth on September 8, you can listen to the album in its entirety below.

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