It’s still January, but it’s quite possible that Fuzzysurf has already released the best Milwaukee music video of 2020. The indie-leaning surf rock band is coming off a big year that found the quartet earning loads of local attention with a standout album, performing at area venues and festivals with regularity, and putting out some downright impressive music videos.

Part of that output was the goofy, psychedelic, and puppet-packed music video for “Denny,” one of the first singles from the band’s wonderful Fuzzy & The Surfs. Roughly 11 months removed from releasing that video and album, Fuzzysurf decided to—as singer and guitarist Sean Lahner says—put “the final cherry on top of the Fuzzy & The Surfs era” with its most ambitious visual undertaking yet.

The “Killing Time” music video contains multitudes. With a more-than 7:30 run time (over four minutes longer than the song itself), the video follows a plot that bookends the musical mayhem. Once again, the band sought the services of Ryan Lowe at MKE Puppet Theatre to create the band’s co-stars. After one of Lowe’s creations is put into a satanic trance, the band is forced to fight for its life as the murderous marionette wreaks havoc on the set of a fictional television set.

In the process, the Joe Ludwig- and Tommy Simms-directed video features ghost choreography, a human s’more, a cameo from Bigfoot, and an altogether campy feel that proves to be the perfect way to say goodbye to the Fuzzy & The Surfs album cycle and to prepare for whatever Fuzzysurf plans to put out next. You can watch the “Killing Time” music video below.

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