Fuzzysurf is a band suited for any era. Since formally introducing themselves to Milwaukee music fans with 2017’s great Me Wocky EP, the quartet has quickly garnered attention with their distinct sound that perfectly blends elements of ’60s-era surf pop with aspects of modern day indie rock. The winning sound looks to continue in the band’s forthcoming LP, Fuzzy & The Surfs, which the band plans to release in mid-May. Back in January, Fuzzysurf let people hear “Problems,” the infectious and timeless first single from the release. Today, the band followed that by putting out “Denny,” along with a hilarious new video for the record’s second single.

The concept of the video—directed and edited by Joe Ludwig of Out Of Toon Studios—is simple, but oh-so satisfying. After taking a break from band practice to eat some magic mushroom pizza together, Fuzzysurf starts feeling the effects of the fungi and the members are transformed into puppets (made by local comedian and MKE Puppets founder Ryan Lowe). The video also features the band—in its fuzzy new form—hanging out at Times Cinema. Between the goofy concept and the catchy new song, you’re going to enjoy “Denny.” Watch the video below.

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