We’ve said it again and again and again (and again), but it’s worth repeating: on top of being a great band, Fuzzysurf also puts out some ambitious and all-around awesome music videos. Just when you thought the indie rockers couldn’t possibly match their previous visual efforts that featured footage of puppets, classic horror motifs, and other inventive concepts with top-notch production, the band decides to bring animation into the mix.

Back in May, drawn daydreams were on display in the band’s outstanding “I Don’t Dream Anymore” video. Today, Fuzzysurf outdid that animated effort with what we can safely call its best video yet. The video for the band’s new single “She Was Crying Sugar” takes viewers on a stop animation adventure to a candy-coated universe. There, a pair of suckers go on a mission to rescue their gummy worm pet. Over the course of the video—which was expertly crafted by Tommy Simms and Joe Ludwig of Simwig Films, along with some amazing sets made by Ann Vollrath—the sweet scenery takes a sour turn, as the suckers are forced to ward off an army of unruly gummy bears before squaring off against an evil Peep.

Amid all the candy-centered chaos, Fuzzysurf provides the timeless summertime-suited soundtrack and members also occasionally appear on screen as a “candyman quartet.” Start your holiday weekend right and watch Fuzzysurf’s “She Was Crying Sugar” video below.

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