Way back at the end of January (which seems like a lifetime ago at this point), Fuzzysurf completed its album cycle for 2019’s great Fuzzy & The Surfs in grand fashion. Following two impressive visual pairings for earlier singles last year, the indie-tinged surf rockers saved their best video for last with a nearly eight-minute video for “Killing Time” that was packed with puppets and campy carnage. However, with Fuzzy & The Surfs now behind Fuzzysurf, it’ll probably be quite a while before we see anything new from the band that’s now known for its next-level music videos, right? Think again.

In the year since their last album came out, the band has kept busy—at least until very recently—with a steady diet of shows and by writing and recording new material for a full-length (they hope) to release this summer. Though the current state of the world has put a specific release date into question, Fuzzysurf wanted to give listeners something new and fun to enjoy while they’re isolated. As expected, it’s another ambitious and altogether excellent music video.

“How Do You Decide?”—Fuzzysurf’s first single from that forthcoming album—is a warm, ’60s-nodding continuation of the band’s distinct catalog with an underlying message about the pitfalls of social media. The upbeat and colorful song gets an equally vibrant video treatment, with director and videographer Eric Dolister following a young woman around the Walker’s Point and Historic Mitchell Street neighborhoods as she buries her face in her phone and seeks the virtual validation of likes, retweets, and favs. Between her aimless walking and footage of the band performing in a balloon- and confetti-covered set, the protagonist meets another local influencer and a relationship is born. Brighten up your Friday by watching Fuzzysurf’s “How Do You Decide?” video below.

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