Fuzzysurf is a band suited for any era. We said as much back in May, when we debuted the Milwaukee quartet’s latest and greatest album, Fuzzy & The Surfs. Over the course of that album, the group managed to perfectly blend elements of ’60s-era surf pop with aspects of modern day indie rock to forge something fun and all-its-own. Following an active summer and on the cusp of Halloween, Fuzzysurf wanted to get into the holiday spirit with a spooky self-shot video for another Fuzzy & The Surfs standout single.

Much like the generation-jumping approach Fuzzysurf takes with their musicianship, the video for “Don’t Worry Baby” is also influenced by material from yesteryear. Singer Sean Lehner says the band—whose members are apparently all big horror fans—sought to base the video on classic horror flicks like Nosferatu and silent films The Phantom Of The Opera and Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.

“The aesthetic of those movies is still amazing and totally unique,” Lehner says. “We wanted to channel that era visually for ‘Don’t Worry Baby,’ a song which is probably the most somber and serious on the record, despite its lullaby-like melody.”

The video leans on chiaroscuro lighting, letting the shadows and silhouettes lend a layer of mystery and creepiness to the video. Along the way, Fuzzysurf also nods to its 2019 video for “Denny” by having a small colony of hand puppet bats pitch in on the chorus. Get ready for Halloween and Fuzzysurf’s performance at this weekend’s Milwaukee Record Halftime Show by watching the video for “Don’t Worry Baby” now.

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