We’ve said it again and again and again, but it’s worth repeating: on top of being a great band, Fuzzysurf also puts out some ambitious and all-around awesome music videos. Just when you thought the indie rockers couldn’t possibly match their previous visual efforts that featured footage of puppets, classic horror motifs, and other inventive concepts with top-notch production, they decide to venture into the realm of animation.

Today, Fuzzysurf released a music video for “I Don’t Dream Anymore.” The third single from this year’s forthcoming album is paired with the art from Isaiah Malnory-Brown. The Milwaukee-based animator combined influences from some of his favorite cartoons (e.g. Adventure Time) with the song’s overarching theme of work and worry.

“We wanted to reflect on the human condition when it comes to work and life,” Fuzzysurf singer-guitarist Sean Lehner tells Milwaukee Record. “We all get caught up in the rat race of life; it’s inevitable. The predominant focus for all of us is on making a living and surviving, often at the cost of neglecting the hobbies or aspirations that make us happy or that we previously enjoyed.”

Between the band’s catchy, timeless sound and Malnory-Brown’s imaginative animation, the video for “I Don’t Dream Anymore” proves to be an eye-catching and toe-tapping escape from the drudgery of the day-to-day routine. Take a 3.5-minute mental break and check out Fuzzysurf’s latest video below.

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