“For any remaining Duets heads worldwide…”

That was a message posted last week to the X/Twitter account of Sat. Nite Duets. In case you need a little brush-up, Sat. Nite Duets were one of Milwaukee’s best bands of the 2010s. They released a string of droll, shambling, and infectious indie-rock albums like Summer Of Punishment, Electric Manland, and Air Guitar, just to name a few. They were awesome. And funny. And awesome. We were Duets heads then, and we’re Duets heads now. So what inspired last week’s post/tweet?

Behold “Can U Spell God?” the latest solo single from Duets member Andrew Jambura—his first solo single in more than eight years! Pretty much all the other Duets fellas are on the track, too, making it the closest thing to a real-deal Sat. Nite Duets song the world has seen since 2020! It’s GREAT.

Why the long radio silence from Jambura? Well, like a grizzled cop who’s retired from the streets and taken a desk job, Jambura’s main gig these days is recording other bands. He’s the co-owner of the ever-busy Silver City Studios on Vliet Street! Got a band that needs some recordin’, mixin’, and/or masterin’? Stop in!

Also, holy crap this Sat. Nite Duets song still rules:

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