“I am the patron saint of young professionals / I’m in love with you / Everything you do.” So goes the opening salvo of Sat. Nite Duets‘ “St. Yuppie,” a whip-smart piss-take on LaCroix-drinking, luxury apartment-living, young urban professionals and the cities that love them. It’s a song that’s long overdue: If there are already patron saints for musicians, nurses, and students, why can’t there be one for the folks pricing musicians, nurses, and students out of their neighborhoods?

Taking things to a delightfully absurd extreme is the song’s newly released video, directed by Kurt Raether. In it, we see the titular St. Yuppie crash to Earth in a fiery comet, take a few disciples under his robed wing, preach the virtues of the Holy WiFi Hotspot, feed a lowly fisherman with sushi, and turn water into bottled water. Ah! But is St. Yuppie an angel from above or below? Find out in the video’s final dance sequence, set in a place even Dante couldn’t imagine: The Ninth Circle of Condos.

“St. Yuppie” comes from Sat. Nite Duets’ 2016 album Air Guitar, which is awesome.

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