Less than six hours after news dropped that venerable East Side bar Von Trier will soon ditch its German theme and transform into an “upscale midcentury cocktail lounge,” there’s already a petition asking Von Trier not to do that. “Keep North Ave Authentic – Don’t Change Von Trier!” seeks to “persuade the owners not to abandon the iconic status that Von Trier has earned,” and lashes out at the “soulless, overdone and trendy” joints that seem to be taking over the North Avenue bar district like weeds. Also, the petition is on Change.org, so you know it’s legit.

“To many residents it’s a standby that feels like home, and to out-of-towners it’s a reason to visit the area,” the petition reads. “With its impressive chandelier, wall of steins, and excellent German beer list, Von Trier’s fills a cultural gap in a sea of generic, unimaginative bars. Once this gem is gone we can never get that culture or history back.”

Milwaukeeans have already been flooding the Von Trier Facebook page with messages of despair, and/or inquires into how to pick up that chandelier at auction. Now you can join the 50 or so supporters (at press time) on Change.org, too. R.I.P. Von Trier. Maybe.

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