Oh, Mister Rogers. So kind, so decent, so unlike the ghouls that pass for humans today. No jokes can be made, no snark can be employed. Mister Rogers was the best. Just writing about him now…

Yep, there we go. Crying while thinking about Mister Rogers. Must be [insert day of the week]. Something else that’s been bringing us to tears: listening to Milwaukee indie-rock band Brat Sounds cover Mister Rogers’ impossibly sweet, impossibly lovely “It’s You I Like.” Here it is:


The beautiful rendition comes from the new Dust Covers, a collection of five covers and two Brat Sounds originals. In addition to “It’s You I Like,” the covers include “Clay Pigeons” by Blaze Foley, “Blues Run The Game” by Jackson C. Frank, “Tell Me Why” by Neil Young, and “One Man Guy” by Rufus Wainwright. “Cursive Letters” and “Liminal Space” are the originals, and they more than hold their own with the covers. Seriously: “Liminal Space” is tugging at our heartstrings as we type this. Maybe it’s the intimate, ultra lo-fi recording. Maybe it’s our memories of another lovely Brat Sounds song, “Motortrend,” from 2019’s Bad Luck. Maybe it’s still Mister Rogers. Who knows. Who cares. Just cry. God, this clip:

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