John Carpenter rules. The legendary director of such movies as Halloween, Escape From New York, Prince Of Darkness (a personal favorite), and many more just…well…rules. Need proof beyond Carpenter’s films and his incredible soundtracks? Then feast your eyes on this tweet from Tuesday night…

Hell yeah. John Carpenter is a Bucks fan. What a pleasant surprise. Life is good. Milwaukee Film said it best…

This isn’t Carpenter’s first Bucks tweet. Back when Giannis and company won it all, the Big Trouble In Little China director had this to say…

First Sheryl Crow, now John Carpenter. Are we already working on an article where we pair Bucks players with John Carpenter characters? You bet your ass, Lonnie. For now, let’s just say that Bobby Portis is, we dunno, Snake Plissken. Maybe Coach Bud is Dr. Loomis or something.

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