Saturday night was amazing. Not only did the Bucks shock the sports world and ignite Milwaukee’s collective spirit with a thrilling overtime win in Brooklyn that punched their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Game 7 victory also delivered news that none other than Sheryl Crow is apparently a Bucks fan.

The nine-time Grammy winner who has sold more than 50 million albums during her lengthy and impressive career joins fellow musician Gucci Mane, Packers stars Aaron Jones and Za’Darius Smith, and local legend David Gruber in an ever-growing group of celebrities who are pulling for the Bucks this postseason. Since we’ve still “Got Bucks Lust” flowing through us after the weekend and because it’s not every day a future Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer formally endorses a perennially overlooked organization, we figured there’s no better time to pair Sheryl Crow songs with Milwaukee Bucks players and personnel.

“All I Wanna Do” — Thanasis Antetokounmpo
While his playing time pretty limited, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s older brother Thanasis makes his minutes count with his high-energy effort. And when he’s on the bench, he’s animated, excited, supportive of his teammates, and usually looks like he’s having a great time. Like Crow’s “All I Wanna Do,” Thanasis is upbeat, fun, and a fan favorite.

“Strong Enough” — Coach Mike Budenholzer
Bucks fans have a strange relationship with “Coach Bud” at the moment. Though he’s less than two years removed from being named NBA Coach Of The Year, his inability to will the Bucks to the Finals thus far has found a sizable portion of Milwaukee’s fan base (that’s not always known for its patience) calling for his head when Milwaukee scuffled against Brooklyn last round. It seems like Budenholzer’s fate rests on the outcome of this upcoming series with the Hawks. Is he strong enough—or a capable enough leader—to be the man who coaches the Bucks to the Finals? I promise I’ll believe.

“Good Is Good” — Giannis Antetokounmpo
Good is good…and Giannis is the best.

“You Don’t Know How It Feels” — P.J. Tucker
In addition to the original material in her astounding catalog of songs, Crow is great at covering other people. The same can be said for P.J. Tucker, who has been called upon to cover some of the best since the playoffs started. He’s taken his own unique approach and it’s really paid off. The same can be said about this Crow cover of a Tom Petty hit.

“If It Makes You Happy” — Khris Middleton
Plain and simple: Khris Middleton is the reason the Bucks are still alive. After yet another great regular season, Khash Money truly stepped up when Milwaukee’s back was against the wall against Brooklyn to will the Bucks to the Conference Finals. Much like the song “If It Makes You Happy,” Middleton is overshadowed and underappreciated, but is quietly very VERY good. Middleton might be our favorite Bucks player and “If It Makes You Happy” is absolutely our favorite Sheryl Crow song.

“A Change Will Do You Good” — Jeff Teague
After coming over from Orlando (by way of Boston) late in the season, Jeff Teague has been downright dreadful in the playoffs. The veteran has managed a paltry five points and has been a defensive liability in his 31 postseason minutes. We’re not sure if a change of scenery will do Teague good, but it certainly won’t hurt Milwaukee.

“There Is A Star That Shines Tonight” — Jrue Holiday
Did you know Sheryl Crow had a holiday album? She does! What better pairing is there for Jrue Holiday than an enjoyable HOLIDAY hymn written and performed by Crow?

“Still The Good Old Days” — Brook Lopez
Now in his 13th NBA season, Brook Lopez is one of Milwaukee’s oldest and most experienced players. Miraculously, the 33-year-old center is still performing at a high level. He’s durable, he’s added a three-point shot to his arsenal since coming to Milwaukee, and he has been making big plays on both ends of the court throughout the playoffs. It’s safe to say it’s “Still The Good Old Days” for Lopez.

“Redemption Day” — Pat Connaughton
Pat Connaughton has fallen out of favor with some Bucks fans. Between being signed to an inexplicable multi-year deal last winter and some regression during the 2020-2021 regular season, Connaughton has stepped up and ably helped fill in for an injured Donte DiVincenzo during the postseason. He’s scored in the double-digits twice in the playoffs and has done his part on defense too (even having four steals in a Game 4 win over Brooklyn where his face was bloodied by an opposing player’s elbow). It might not last, but Pat is having a “Redemption Day” right now.

“The First Cut Is The Deepest” — Bobby Portis
Sometimes there’s a song that’s legitimately good but, for whatever reason, gets buried in the rotation and isn’t played enough. Among pop songs, “The First Cut Is The Deepest” seems to fit that description. Similarly, there’s sometimes a guy on the Bucks that’s legitimately good but, for whatever reason, gets buried in the rotation and isn’t played enough. Right now, Bobby Portis seems to fit that description.

“Home” — Donte DiVincenzo
Sadly, an ankle injury Done DiVincenzo sustained in the first round has forced the starter to watch his team from “Home” (or from the side of the court in recent games). It’s unfortunate he can’t be on the court, but “I Shall Believe” he’ll “Run Baby Run” with the Bucks again next season as they hopefully try to defend their title.

“What I Can Do For You” — Bryn Forbes
Based on its lyrics, Crow’s song “What I Can Do For You” seems to be about someone with a specific skill who is confident in their abilities. That concept seems to mesh well with Bryn Forbes, a sharpshooter who is borderline unstoppable from beyond the arc when he gets hot.

“Tell Me When It’s Over” — Sam Merrill, Mamadi Diakite, and Axel Toupane
We’re definitely not going to write off any of these guys (especially Diakite) in the long run, but at this point in their careers and with so much on the line this deep into the playoffs, Bucks fans only see Sam Merrill, Mamadi Diakite, and Axel Toupane during blowouts or in the waning seconds of games. Any of these guys walking on the court during a game pretty much tells fans that it’s over.

The Eastern Conference Finals is bound to be a series that’s full of excitement and drama. Every game will be a winding road, but with any luck, the Bucks will overcome the Hawks and get a little bit closer to bringing an NBA Championship back to Milwaukee.

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