Okay, we didn’t make this up: Back in December, one of the ultra-specific categories in our Favorite Milwaukee Music Of 2020 piece was “Favorite Milwaukee Cover Of An Old Sheryl Crow Song.” The winner of that prestigious award was local supergroup Vinz Clortho, who turned in a moody, shoegaze-y cover of Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy.” It was really good!

But here’s the thing: A few weeks after our piece was published, ANOTHER Milwaukee artist covered Sheryl Crow. And not only that, he covered—wait for it—”If It Makes You Happy.” Huh!

Yep, so here’s Trapper Schoepp‘s version of the apparently very popular 1996 hit. The ever-busy Milwaukee troubadour gives the song a hushed, mostly acoustic treatment. It’s really good, too!

If the song is worthy of two Milwaukee covers, it can’t be that bad. (Sorry.)

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