Feeling a little up and down these days? Have you been juggling pangs of soul-crushing dread with unexpected bursts of hope and joy? SAME. Need a perfect song (and video) to sum up those conflicting feelings? Enter Vinz Clortho‘s dreamy, shoegaze-y cover of Sheryl Crow’s hit 1996 song “If It Makes You Happy.” Who would have thunk? Time to get down. Real low down.

The cover (mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering) is just the latest unexpected move from Vinz Clortho. The Milwaukee band (led by Victor Buell IV) began its life boasting a bluesy, sax-fueled sound that wouldn’t feel out of place in the Roadhouse from season 1 and 2 of Twin Peaks. Lately, however, the group has pivoted to a more electronic, chilled-out vibe that wouldn’t feel out of place in, well, the Roadhouse from season 3 of Twin Peaks. We approve!

Oh, and Vinz Clortho says “any profits generated from merch or music until the end of May will be donated to the southeast WI branch of Feeding America.” We approve again!

Here’s hoping they do “Soak Up The Sun” next, for whenever we can go outside.

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