On paper, Milwaukee super-group Vinz Clortho sounds like a goof. Here are a bunch of musicians from bands like Calliope, Mortgage Freeman, Castle Thunder, and Mouse Corn playing in a group named after the Keymaster of Gozer (a.k.a. Volguus Zildrohoar, Lord of the Seboullia). Time to break out the proton packs!

But no, Vinz Clortho is not a goof. Instead, it’s a moody, sax-drenched roadhouse band more inspired by Chris Isaak and Twin Peaks than Dr. Peter Venkman and Ghostbusters. On the new “Endless Road,” those influences are front and center—dig the surreal surf-psych vibe; the lyrics about stepping on the gas and driving down a midnight highway, and that crazy sax, man. Somewhere, Bill Pullman is proud.

Formed in 2017 by Vic Buell of Calliope, Vinz Clortho has a pair of singles under its belt, and will celebrate the release of its latest Saturday, September 22 at Company Brewing. (Vanity Plates and The Old Prospectors will play in support.) Until then, put down THE Nine Inch Nails and listen to “Endless Road,” only at Milwaukee Record.

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