Hot on the heels of that Giannis/Yelich/Rodgers triple Wisconsin MVP augmented reality bobblehead puzzle set comes another piece of Milwaukee art that features some hi-tech bells and whistles. On Monday, Nomad World Pub, 1401 E. Brady St., officially unveiled a new large-scale mural created by Milwaukee artist Big Shot Robot. But it’s not just any mural: this one comes equipped with a QR code that leads to a custom Pandora playlist curated by the artist himself. Scan the code and enjoy tracks from Brockhampton, Q-Tip, and others that inspired the mural. How ’bout that!

“The mural celebrates living life at full volume, and has a QR code that leads to a customized playlist curated by Big Shot Robot,” reads a press release. “Channeling the vibrancy and creativity of Milwaukee, Big Shot Robot has curated a playlist of tracks that inspired the art featured at 1401 E. Brady St. The playlist highlights songs from artists such as BROCKHAMPTON, Q-Tip, Mocky, and more.”

Plans to equip Fink’s “HELLO MILWAUKEE” mural with the old “Hello Milwaukee” song have yet to be announced.