After a few years of hibernation, Milwaukee’s Collections Of Colonies Of Bees have begun to make some noise. The celebrated and long-running post-rock group led by guitarist Chris Rosenau recently played the Seventh Stanine Festival at Cactus Club. The band has a few more summer festivals on its calendar. And on Tuesday night, CoCoBees played WMSE‘s “Local/Live” at Anodyne Coffee in Walker’s Point. Along with selections from 2018’s HAWAII, Rosenau and company (Marielle Allschwang, Ben Derickson, Matt Skemp, Dan Spack) performed some new songs. They were great!

Here’s the setlist:


Rosenau noted that the titles of the new songs—”E,” “A,” “J,” C”—were simply placeholders, and that a new record containing those songs could be released in spring 2023. Watch the video of the one-hour set—courtesy of WMSE and Kneeverland Productions—below.

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