It’s been four years since ever-evolving Milwaukee post-rock project Collections Of Colonies Of Bees released its latest album, HAWAII. In that time…well, some stuff has happened. So if you’re looking for a reminder of a kinder, gentler time (we can’t believe we’re nostalgic for 2018, but here we are), look no further than the just-released video for “Harms,” a key track from CoCoBees’ HAWAII.

Okay, there’s a lot more to love about this video than pre-pandemic nostalgia. Directed and all-around masterminded by Heather Hass, the clip is a gorgeous, glitchy, stop-motion floral fever dream that finds Marielle Allschwang (who first joined the long-running Bees on HAWAII) taking on a Mother Nature/Earth role while perched inside one of those funky rain lamps your grandparents used to have. The rest of the band, meanwhile (Daniel Spack, Chris Rosenau, Ben Derickson, Matthew Skemp) find themselves slowly giving themselves over to complete floral makeovers. By the end of the video, they’re encased in flowery chrysalises, suspended in funky rain lamps of their own.

So yeah, this is incredible stuff. Wanna see Collections Of Colonies Of Bees before their floral metamorphosis? Enjoy the video for “Ruins,” also from HAWAII.

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My First Band: Marielle Allschwang (Collections Of Colonies Of Bees, Group Of The Altos)