Do you like Milwaukee’s professional basketball team? Are you excited for the playoffs? Are you a sucker for Wisconsin sports novelty songs? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might suffer from a condition known as “Bucks Lust.”

Now that the NBA’s regular season is over and the Bucks are gearing up for huge postseason series against the Miami Heat, one musician is getting fans ready for a (hopefully) long playoff run with a brand new Milwaukee basketball anthem. Eddy J. Lemberger—who local sports fans might recall as the mastermind behind such football-focused jams as “I Love My Green Bay Packers” and “Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll”—just dropped a b-ball banger called “Got Bucks Lust.”

Sure, we could talk about the music video’s cosmic backdrop, rave about the song’s heady lyrics, tell you how funky and infectious the backing track is, and even admit to being captivated by Lemberger’s shoulder shaking dance moves. We could do all of that! But instead of wasting any more time, we’ll just encourage you to watch the “Got Bucks Lust” video for yourself and keep the song queued up to play during the Championship Parade this summer.

Get Bucks Lust and watch Lemberger’s masterpiece below. [h/t – Jared]

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