It’s been a long, glorious, event-filled summer of festival fun, but the end of outdoor activity is nigh. Once Bay View Bash comes and goes on September 21 and autumn begins a couple days later, festival season is officially over, right? Think again! Sure, summer is ending, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop in Milwaukee.

Adding to the recently-announced Beet Street Harvest Festival and Flannel Fest (both set to take place on October 12) is 5th Street Fest, which will bring “a daylong celebration of music, food, activities, and fun” to the eponymous Walker’s Point causeway on Saturday, September 28. This evening, roughly three weeks out from the event, the 3rd annual festival finally unveiled its entertainment lineup. Here it is!

SOUTH STAGE (5th & National)

12 p.m. — 5th Ward Showcase with John McWilliams with Old B and Nazario Chickpesio
2:00 p.m. — Wax Lips
3:30 p.m. — Mariachi Monarcas
4:30 p.m. — Walker’s Point Association
5:00 p.m. — The Truck
6:15 p.m. — Browns Crew
7:30 p.m. — Andrew David Webber Band
8:45 p.m. — Funk Summit Bass Team
9:45 p.m. — Hamburger Mary’s Drag Show

NORTH STAGE (5th & Virginia)

11:30 a.m. — Abliss Yoga
1:00 p.m. — Saebra & Carlyle
2:15 p.m. — Jayne Joyce
3:15 p.m. — Size 5’s
4:15 p.m. — Assault & Battery
5:30 p.m. — Buddhalicious
6:45 p.m. — Paper Holland
8:00 p.m. — Cullah
9:15 p.m. — Abraxes

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