It’s been a long week. Winter has arrived. Twitter is a mess. A maddening election cycle has finally come to an end. The guy who voiced Batman on the forever-awesome Batman: The Animated Series is dead. What to do?

Cue up “Best Drug,” a.k.a. the latest single and video from Milwaukee’s Sleepy Gaucho, that’s what!

Sleepy Gaucho is the psych-folk project of Wisconsin musician Andy Goitia—though the “folk” part may be on the wane. Sleepy Gaucho’s 2018 debut Another Time was indeed folk-leaning, but “Best Drug” stakes out a more blissed-out, AM-radio vibe.

“The new sound of Sleepy Gaucho has evolved into something that is simultaneously goofy and mature,” reads a press release, “an exciting direction for the multi-instrumentalist who has a history of expanding his work through collaborations with musicians such as Pat Sansone of Wilco, as well as exploring self production and recording techniques. Whether taken seriously or lightly, ‘Best Drug’ is as refreshing as it is familiar.”

“Love is the best drug of them all,” Goitia sings on the chorus. Couple that cosmic sentiment with a groovy, ’70s-by-way-of-consumer-grade-DV-cam video, and you’ve got a winner. Have a chill weekend, Milwaukee.

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