Though he currently calls Los Angeles home, actor, comedian, Emmy-winning host, and Elm Grove native Charlie Berens hasn’t forgotten his Wisconsin roots. Berens introduced millions of viewers to his home state through a viral video starring a Wisconsin-accented take on Jack Dawson from Titanic. He chased that with an even more popular Badger State-centric video series called Manitowoc Minute, which he always concludes by saying “Go Packers, fuck da Bears.”

Before Berens’ pair of Pabst Theater shows on Saturday and prior to Da Pack wrapping up the first half of their season in New England on Sunday, Milwaukee Record asked the Manitowoc Minute host and lifelong Packer Backer about the team’s performance through seven games, how he feels about the recent Ty Montgomery and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix trades, and his predictions for the rest of the season. Keep ‘er movin’ and read the interview below.

Milwaukee Record: We’re about halfway through the season. How are you feeling about the Packers right now?

Charlie Berens: Are we halfway already? I was feeling okay about them until I learned that.

MR: What are some highlights and standout moments from the first seven games?

CB: The first game against the Bears was magic. Nothing is better than watching dem Bears go up to Lambeau, look like they’re gonna pull off an upset and then not pull it off. It’s tough to compare the energy in Lambeau when they finally won. That’s the cool thing about being a Packer fan. You get at least two Super Bowls a year. We won the first one.

MR: Has anyone on the team surprised you yet?

CB: [Mason] Crosby’s foot surprised me a couple two-tree times.

MR: Has Crosby recovered from missing four field goals and an extra point in Detroit, or should the front office look for a Craigslist kicker to replace him?

CB: There were definitely ads placed in the “Gigs” section after that Lions game. But no, Crosby is a champ. His foot just decided to go on strike. This is why you get regular foot massages, Crosby! That way it won’t rebel.

MR: How do you feel about Ty Montgomery being traded?

CB: It’s a bummer because I like Ty Montgomery, but it’s tough to see it going any other way.

MR: What will you miss most about Ha Ha Clinton-Dix?

CB: I’ve been a huge fan of Clinton-Dix ever since we got him in the draft. He just always seemed to have a competitive attitude. I read an interview he did earlier in the season talking about treating every game like it was his last. I thought that was a bit excessive because I didn’t think we’d actually let him go.

MR: How does it feel knowing the Packers tied against the Vikings?

CB: A tie is like kissing your sister. A tie to the Vikings is like kissing your sister’s horse.

MR: Any predictions for this weekend’s game against the Patriots? And any predictions for the rest of the season?

CB: Da Rodgers comes out Sunday and says “Hey der guy, relax!” Then Super Bowl champs.

MR: Do the Packers finish with a better record than the Bears?

CB: Gosh willing!

MR: Anything else you’d like to say?

CB: I hope this was the best Packers interview of your life. As always, go Packers and [expletive] da Bears.

Manitowoc Minute’s Charlie Berens will perform two shows at Pabst Theater on Saturday, November 3 as part of his “Oh My Gosh” tour. A limited number of tickets to the 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. show are still available.