The “Phobruary” fun (phon?) in Silver City is over, but there are lots of other things that help this neighborhood stand out all year long. This segment of town, along with adjoining neighborhoods of Layton Park and Burnham Park, is regarded as the most racially diverse and densely populated part of Milwaukee. Those distinctions are shown in the wide array of excellent restaurants, the variety of businesses in the neighborhood, and the community that’s growing progressively closer despite having no singular shared language. Though there’s so much to say about Silver City and its nearby neighborhoods, few people are telling its story.

Layton Boulevard West Neighbors (aka LBWN) is trying to spread the good word of what’s happening in Silver City, Layton Park, and Burnham Park. The organization champions this unsung section of town, encourages commercial growth, and attempts to foster a sense of community in the region. Host Tyler Maas recently went to LBWN headquarters, where staffers Gisela Ortega and Celia Benton told him about what makes Silver City special, issues and assets that are unique to the area, and ways the neighborhoods they serve are developing and improving.

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