Almost three years ago to the day, Honey Creek released its first album. While that LP, A Whole Year In Transit, is a great debut in its own right, it now exists as a springboard to propel the pop-punk outfit to new artistic terrain. Since then, “the band sought out to write music that broke down and deconstructed every sonic element listeners had come to expect.” Though the dismantling is still in process, Honey Creek is showing definite signs of change on its brand new single.

Today, the band released a single entitled “Burnt Bitter,” along with an accompanying music video. According to a press release, the song is about “confronting the creative burnout found by trying to fit into boxes of genre labels and expectations.” The hook-laden number is a winning combination of punk, emo, and pop that ambitiously builds on the foundation put down by A Whole Year In Transit. That evolution is also emphasized visually, as Honey Creek members—each donning clean white attire—execute previous versions of themselves before music video’s end to further hammer home the message that a new era is underway.

Honey Creek is about to head out on a short Midwest tour with Arizona-based Troubled Minds from May 12-16, which includes a May 15 show at Cactus Club. In the meantime, check out the “Burnt Bitter” music video below.

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