It seems that every Surgeons In Heat album is a comeback album. Maybe it’s the three-year gap between projects, beginning with 2012’s self-titled bleary-eyed dance party and culminating in 2015’s hyperactive Disaster. Maybe it’s the ever-shifting lineup, with singer-songwriter Johnathon Mayer serving as the sole constant. Maybe it’s the erratic show schedule. Or maybe, just maybe, every Surgeons In Heat album is an event to be celebrated, another nervy missive from one of the city’s finest bands.

And so it goes with Bored Immortals, a new Surgeons In Heat record set for release this summer on Maximum Pelt/Shuga Records. This time around, Mayer and bandmates Ryan Reeve, Bradley Kruse, and Michael Stewart both tweak and refine the group’s chilled-out-Spoon sound: adding bits of sax and electronic drums here and there, but ultimately nailing down a hazy and almost regal sense of aloofness. Produced by The Fatty Acids’ Josh Evert at Silver City Studios, it’s Surgeons In Heat’s most cohesive, most front-to-back satisfying record to date.

Need proof? Breathe in the smoke-filled ambiance of Bored Immortals‘ first single, “Why’d You Start?” only at Milwaukee Record. And then be sure to catch the band at tonight’s Arte Para Todos lead-up show at On The Bayou. Don’t call it a comeback.