Even though the closest Seinfeld ever came to Milwaukee was that time Kramer and Newman drove to Michigan in an ill-fated effort to take advantage of the state’s 10 cent bottle deposits, our fair city seems to have a strange love affair with the celebrated sitcom. Each December, East Siders air their grievances on Brady Street during the neighborhood’s Festivus, uh, festivities. The Milwaukee Admirals have an annual “Salute To Seinfeld” promotion that bring periphery characters like Kenny Bania, Soup Nazi, Kramer’s friend Micky Abbott, and (just last night) J. Peterman onto the ice. The show’s star sells out Riverside Theater every time he comes to town. Area bars regularly host Seinfeld trivia nights, yada yada…

Next week, Milwaukee’s unique relationship with the seminal ’90s network comedy will execute another feat of strength, when a Bay View bar throws a Seinfeld-themed celebration. On Friday, February 24, The Stone will host “A Night About Nothing.” From 9 p.m. to close, the bar will give a free shot of “Hennigans” to anyone dressed in a Seinfeld costume. There will be $1 Mackinaw peach Jell-O shots—”It’s like having a circus in your mouth!”—and photo ops with character cutouts, along with a spread of show-specific snacks. Avoid the pretzels. At 11:30, there’s going to be an Elaine dance-off, followed by a midnight costume contest with prizes.

If late-winter doldrums have you on the verge of begging for serenity now, throw on that Gore-Tex jacket of yours and head to The Stone next Friday.

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