We love Sculpture Milwaukee. Since 2017, the nonprofit organization has been filling Downtown Milwaukee (and nearby neighborhoods) with outdoor art pieces from artists both world-renowned and locally celebrated. Have we been arbitrarily ranking each year’s sculptures? Yep!

Sculpture Milwaukee’s 2022 season will be a little different. Titled “Nature Doesn’t Know About Us,” the collection will be guest-curated by Swiss-born artist Ugo Rondinone. According to Rondinone, Sculpture Milwaukee 2022 will feature “thirteen works by thirteen artists who combine skeptical clarity and at times humor-tinged desire to locate the intersection of spiritual and physical presence in our daily life.” Fun!

“The natural world serves as a doorway into a highly rarefied metaphysical realm where the sea of consciousness surges against the tangible world,” Rondinone says. “Here all is in flux as distinctions between self and soul, body and spirit, past and present, mortification and bliss, confinement and escape all blur and waver. The exhibition celebrates the disparate elements of the Earth, while exploring the human connection to nature.”

Sculpture Milwaukee 2022 is set to run from June 2022 through October 2023.

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