Your Milwaukee Bucks got a parade. Finally.

For the first time ever, the NBA Champion Bucks were treated to a jam-packed, deliriously joyful parade through Downtown Milwaukee. (The 1971 Champion team never got one.) Giannis was there. Bobby was there. Coach Bud was there. Hell, even “Bucks In 6” originator Brandon Jennings was there. It was amazing.

So hey! Why not relive all the action (or experience it for the first time) with these photos and video? Things to look for in the first video: a David Gruber cameo, Giannis shooting a basketball into the crowd, and that incredible sense of being surrounded by a zillion people and a championship NBA team and still feeling like Milwaukee is a small, personal, intimate city. What a day.

And one final video…

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Bucks parade set for Thursday at 11 a.m. through Downtown Milwaukee

Bucks president: “PARADE ON THURSDAY!”

Why not Milwaukee and why not now?