Last summer, we paid a visit to the most quintessential of bat-shit Wisconsin oddities, House on the Rock. “House on the Rock is a glimpse into the mind of a madman,” we said back in August 2017. “It’s an illustration of what can happen when endless funds are met with a blatant disregard for regulation. It’s as astounding as it is baffling. It’s hands down the best tourist attraction in Wisconsin.”

Now, acclaimed Starz TV series American Gods—based on the 2001 Neil Gaiman novel of the same name—has discovered the nutty nuttiness of House on the Rock, too. Production has begun on the series’ second season, and a new video shows the cast, crew, and Gaiman shooting in the Iowa County, Wisconsin landmark. House on the Rock plays a critical role in the American Gods novel, serving as a meeting place for the Old Gods.

“The first season was all about getting to the House on the Rock,” says Gaiman. “It’s amazing to see everyone back, and to be entering the next stage of the story with the best bunch of actors around, along with some inspired filmmakers.”

The eight-episode second season of American Gods is set for release in 2019. Oh, and here’s Gaiman riding “The Largest Carousel in History” back in 2010.

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