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• Your Milwaukee Brewers pulled off a nice two-win doubleheader against the San Francisco Giants on Thursday, but the fact remains that the 73-65 team will still need a minor miracle to qualify for postseason play. SO LET’S TALK ABOUT AMERICAN FAMILY FIELD RESTAURANT AND GOLF NEWS INSTEAD!

Yes, the ballpark’s delightfully named Restaurant To Be Named Later is set be transformed via a “major renovation” during the upcoming offseason. What will that major renovation entail? Well, that, too, will apparently be named later.

“We are looking forward to unveiling the amazing plans we have for this space,” said Rick Schlesinger, Brewers President – Business Operations, in a press release. “This initiative involves a complete reimagination of the facility with a new concept that will be a great fit for the space and fan expectations.”

And then there’s golf. Specifically a golf simulator. Specifically an X-Golf golf simulator that is opening at American Family Field in the old Stadium Club on the Club Level. So now you can go to a baseball game and play (fake) golf. How about that.

“We are looking forward to opening X-Golf at American Family Field and offering fans a fun and engaging way to combine two great Wisconsin passions—Brewers baseball and golf,” said Schlesinger. “The experience will be approachable, interactive and welcome fans of all skill levels to enjoy the facility year-round, as well as offering a truly special view of play on game days.”

The Brewers play the Cincinnati Reds this weekend. Then they play the red-hot St. Louis Cardinals. We’ll see how that goes. [Milwaukee Brewers]

• A total of 48,433 folks rode the Milwaukee streetcar in July. That’s an average of 1,562 a day! That’s also the highest ridership since the pandemic began in March 2020! [The Hop]

• What else is happening in the world of The Hop? Well, other than a number of failed attempts to secure federal funding to expand the thing…not much. Still, Mayor Cavalier Johnson says he continues to support the thing: “I know we’ve hit some hiccups, some bumps in the road in terms of having some of those federal applications approved, but my desire is to keep swinging, to keep trying. I think there is a lot of utility, a lot of purpose, a lot of use, for the streetcar to be expanded beyond its current footprint.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Speaking of issues that haven’t progressed an inch despite endless attempts to get something going: the Domes! [Urban Milwaukee]

• A new food hall, North Avenue Market, is now open at 5900 W. North Ave. The business is built inside a renovated former Associated Bank branch, and contains a whole bunch of vendors: “A & B Desserts, Arty’s Sweet Talk Cupcakes, A Taste of Java, Fresh Farm Bowls, Mosler’s Vault cocktail bar operated by the owners of Bittercube, The Packed Picnic Co., Sam’s Deli and S’lendid Boba Tea.” Oh, and it has a drive-thru window! [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• New Brat Sounds single! It’s called “Nothing”! [Bandcamp]

• Central Standard Craft Distillery is creating a Brandy Old Fashioned Hall of Fame. Think YOU make the best Brandy Old Fashioned? Maybe your aunt or grandmother? Central Standard wants to hear from you. It’s all part of Brandy Old Fashioned month in Wisconsin, which is September and is absolutely a thing. [Spectrum News]

• Speaking of Old Fashioneds and Central Standard, ever-busy Wisconsin comedian Charlie Berens will serve as the inaugural guest mixologist for Central Standard’s inaugural “Cocktails For A Cause” series. Berens will be on hand on Tuesday, September 13 from 5-7 p.m., mixing up his own take on a Brandy Old Fashioned. [OnMilwaukee]

• Want the city to install a speed bump on the street outside your home? You can totally do that! Historically, the city would charge property owners about $250 for the service, but thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act grant, that figure dropped to about $80 in 2022. Now, the city is considering going back to the higher rate. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Milwaukee County Parks desperately needs money, so the nonprofit Milwaukee Parks Foundation “plans to make a six-figure contribution to the system by the end of the year.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• 88Nine Radio Milwaukee has a new executive director: Maxie C. Jackson III. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!

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