When we last left Jacob Kittilstad—a.k.a. the host of public affairs show Racine & Me—he was getting a little emotional over a new Racine & Me theme song written and performed by Juiceboxxx. Now that the tears have dried and the new theme song is indeed slated to replace the old theme song, Kittilstad is in a festive mood. In a segment with the organizers of the third annual Racine’s Got Talent competition, Kittilstad shows off his own talent: drawing a county-by-county map of the state of Wisconsin in less than three minutes.

Right? There are plenty of people who can bust out the “draw a state-by-state map of the United States” party trick, but a county-by-county map of a single state? Weird, wild stuff. “Forest and Florence…look at my hand shaking, I’m so nervous,” Kittilstad says at one point. Oh yeah, he calls out the names of the counties as he draws them! And he pulls it off with only seconds to go! And there’s a drum accompaniment! Hastily sketched but unnervingly accurate outlines of Dodge, Winnebago, and Calumet counties have never been so thrilling.

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