The Milwaukee Brewers made their finals selections in the 2017 MLB First-Year Player Draft yesterday. Between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon, 41 young men had their name called by Milwaukee’s front office. For some of these players, that’s as far as their Brewers career will go.

Some will decide against signing, instead opting to attend (or return to) college to better their chances of bettering their draft standing. Others will have their journey to the big leagues cut short due to injury or ineffectiveness. A few might be part of trades with other teams before they set foot on the Miller Park dirt. Even though it will take years before we know how many of these 41 men will ever play for the Brew Crew, today any athletes have at least a small chance of becoming household names that Brewers fans will be screaming and displaying on the back of their jerseys for seasons to come. And get a load of some of these names!

Gone are the days of ballplayers with names like Rusty, Bucky, Billy, Pete, and Lenny. Now, draft picks have names like Hunter, MacKenzie, Pavin, Jeren, and Tanner—and that’s just a few of the guys taken in the first round. With the ninth overall pick, the Milwaukee Brewers drafted a second baseman from UC Irvine by the name of Keston Hiura. That’s just the tip of the identification iceberg of new Brewers names. Since it will take seasons to know how the 2017 Brewers draft panned out, we’ll just go ahead and rank the new selections by first name alone. And no, the irony of someone named Tyler writing this list is not lost on us.

41. Caden Lemons
40. Tristen Lutz
39. Rylan Kaufman
38. Bowden Francis
37. Keston Hiura
36. Gage Workman
T-35. Cody Beckman
T-35. Cody Martin
33. Austin Rubick
32. Garrett Crochet
31. Carson McCusker
30. Alec Bettinger
29. Noah Campbell
28. Trevor Koenig
27. Jayson Rose
26. Devin Hairston
25. Miller Hogan
24. Dylan File
23. Brent Diaz
22. Dallas Carroll
21. KJ Harrison
20. Justin Bullock
19. Christian Taugner
18. Leugim Castillo
17. Nick Egnatuk
16. Kenny Corey
15. Christian Santana
14. Kyle Jacobsen
13. Abdiel Layer
12. Brendan Murphy
11. Cam Robinson
10. Davis Bradshaw
9. Brandon Presley
8. Je’Von Ward
7. Robbie Hitt
6. Robert Henry
5. Max Lazar
4. Robie Rojas
3. Roberto Delgado
2. Karlos Morales
1. Legend Smith

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