When we last checked in with Brat Sounds, the eminently enjoyable Milwaukee band was releasing one of our favorite albums of 2019 (Bad Luck) and battling Satan himself in the Evil Dead-esque video for “Sunny D.” So what has the group been up to in the months since the world collapsed? Sticking with a horror theme for their latest video, that’s what. Oh, and that theme is especially suited to these end times: cannibalism.

“A very positive Bavarian man goes on a light stroll in the woods,” reads the description for the Martin Kaszubowski-directed clip. “Nothing bad happens to him but he makes a few friends along the way.” That last part is a bit of a bluff, unless you consider said very positive Bavarian (Brat Sounds’ own Corbin Coonan) getting caught in a bear trap and being accosted by cannibals (band members Scott Cary, Max Wikoff, and Kelly Danen) the definition of “nothing bad.” Different strokes for different flesh-hungry woodland mutant folks, we suppose. (Also, hats off to Aidan Gouran for the wardrobe and props.)

One more thing: If you missed Brat Sounds’ self-titled debut back in 2014, never fear: the band will release a remastered version of the record tomorrow. Nice! Favorite song off that album: “Empire State.” Favorite song off Bad Luck: “Motortrend.” Favorite part of the “Mona Lisa Frank” video: Danen eating a sandwich.

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