This is usually the part of an article where we say “It’s been a minute since we last heard from Milwaukee rock band Brat Sounds.” But it’s been much longer than a metaphorical minute—it’s been nearly two years. That’s when Brat Sounds released a video for “Born Loser Pt. II,” a song from the 2015 LP Born Loser. Since then, only an EP and a split with Seven Costanza (both released in 2016) have come through the Brat Sounds pipeline. UNTIL NOW.

Yes, Brat Sounds are back, baby, and this time they’re facing off against Lucifer himself! Well, a dude in a devil mask, to be exact. In the video for “Sunny D,” Scott Carey and company hole up in a remote house, work on some new material, and incur the wrath of Satan with their gosh darn rock and roll music. What follows is a battle between band and Beelzebub: dummies are pummeled, cymbals are thrown, guitars are smashed, and limbs are severed. “Sunny D for the dearly departed,” goes the chorus. Even the dead aren’t into soda, OJ, or purple stuff.

“Sunny D” is from the forthcoming Bad Luck, the long-in-the-works album recorded in Carey’s basement studio. A release show is set for December 13 at High Dive. The video for “Sunny D,” meanwhile, was directed by Martin Kaszubowski and shot by Dana Shihadah. Watch it below.

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