Milwaukee and its surrounding suburbs aren’t lacking when it comes to exceptional burgers. Between well-crafted classics, satisfying smash patty creations, decadent offerings stacked high with inventive toppings and sauces, elevated takes fried or grilled up at gourmet establishments, and an ever-growing crop of top-notch vegetarian and vegan variations, it isn’t hard to find the burger for you somewhere in the region.

In fact, the toughest thing about the area’s beautiful bounty of burgs is picking just one place to visit when a craving strikes. Well, that burger dilemma just became even more difficult with the addition of Burger Hub (6231 S. 27th St., Greenfield).

Located in a suburban strip mall in the former site of a George Webb we memory-holed visiting in 2016, the relatively new restaurant opened last September. Admittedly, the young business—with the limited press it has received to this point and, well, the fact it’s out in Greenfield—didn’t initially land on our radar. However, a handful of glowing endorsements from friends in recent weeks and some light (okay, pretty aggressive) stalking of the Burger Hub website found us finally making the trip this week. Boy, we’re glad we did.

True to its name, specialty burgers are the primary focus at Burger Hub. You’ll also find chicken sandwiches and cheesesteaks, both boneless and bone-in wings, chicken tenders, a variety of deep fried sides (cheese curds, french fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, okra, jalapeno poppers), lentil soup, and soft drinks that can be enjoyed on-site, for carryout, or via third party delivery.

Between the swiveling stools, the brown tiled floor, and the rows of cozy booths (all vestiges from the space’s 24-hour diner past) and the counter service model, Burger Hub has all the makings of a no-frills burger joint in a suburban shopping complex that’s neighbored by a gym and a vape store. However, one notable difference between Burger Hub and much of its burger brethren is that fact that all of the meat on its menu is 100% halal, which means it was slaughtered in a manner that adheres to dietary laws in the Islamic religion.

Halal meat is far from a rarity in the region, especially in the string of Middle Eastern-owned and -operated dining establishments scattered throughout Milwaukee’s south side and in neighboring cities like Oak Creek and Greenfield. That being said, a halal commitment is far less common (if not altogether unheard of) among dedicated burger-focused restaurants. Beyond the use of turkey bacon instead of pork, the 100% halal focus really has no noticeable impact on the menu.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The more humane—at least comparatively speaking—halal butchering methods actually help to ensure Burger Hub’s beef will be higher in quality and, as a direct result, better tasting than you’ll find at other casual burger concepts. In an effort to get an assessment of Burger Hub that landed somewhere between the by-the-book Classic Burger and the popper-topped and Sriracha-sauced Jalapeno Burger, we ordered the Hub Deluxe on our first visit ($9.99 burger, $13.99 combo).

Having opted for the combo, we grabbed a can of soda from the cooler, took a seat, and heard the sizzle of fresh halal beef (which Burger Hub proudly says is never frozen) from the flat top in the nearby kitchen. About 10 minutes later, a veritable sack of crunchy seasoned french fries and the beautiful burger you see above was brought to our booth.

Immediately upon taking our first bite, we were struck by the quality and obvious care put into the burger. The lettuce, tomato, and raw onion were fresh and crisp. The melt-y American cheese, creamy avocado spread, and the light accompaniment of mayo all complemented each other perfectly. The bun was pillow-y soft on the outside, buttered and toasted inside, and the edges even had a light char. The thick slices of turkey bacon more than pulled their weight as well. And the beef—oh, the beef!—had a distinctly savory seasoning and somehow managed to be somewhat lean while still having a medium-well cook.

We’ll need to do additional research and try more menu items to determine exactly where it lands (no matter how many visits it takes!), but it’s absolutely not out of line to say Burger Hub could be a Top 10 Milwaukee area burger. And if the chicken sandwiches and the black bean burger are even half as good as they look, everyone has a reason to come in. Between its great service, high quality ingredients, and the halal commitment that serves people who don’t always have access to fast-casual burgers, Burger Hub is yet another place that’s adding to the area’s sterling burger reputation. Why are you still reading this? Get to Greenfield immediately.

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