If you don’t know the name Emily Wolfe yet, you will soon. The Austin-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist is a few months removed from the release of Outlier, her excellent sophomore album that’s earned acclaim from listeners and critics alike. Epiphone now produces a signature model guitar that bears her name, and she’s about to take that guitar on the road again when she embarks on a Midwestern tour next month before what’s sure to be a busy and bountiful 2022. Long before Wolfe was collaborating with Queens Of The Stone Age members and sharing the stage with the likes of Joan Jett and Heart, she was playing acoustic brunch sets at restaurants and trying to make a name for herself in Texas capital.

Prior to hitting the road again (including a December 9 headlining show at Cactus Club), Wolfe spoke with My First Band host Tyler Maas about what it’s been like getting back on the road again, the process of recording the new album with Michael Shuman, and highlights from her already impressive and still-blossoming career. Over the course of the conversation, Wolfe talked about being drawn to guitar at the age of five, immersing herself in songwriting in her teens, diving headfirst into Austin’s music scene during her college years, and some of the formative experiences and opportunities that—combined with her years of hard work and natural talent—helped her become the artist she is today.

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