After a few fun, food-focused, and booze-fueled episodes with the likes of Paul Zerkel (of Goodkind), Gregory León (Amilinda), Caitlin Cullen (The Tandem), and the restaurateur duo of Dan Jacobs and Dan Van Rite (DanDan, The Fauntleroy, Ash, EsterEv), it’s time to say goodbye to Shot For Shot With Chefs. However, before we said goodbye, we wanted the video series to go out with a bang by featuring an interview with a chef we’ve wanted to get on the show since Shot For Shot‘s inception.

The series finale features none other than chef Mitch Ciohon of Taco Moto and Snack Boys. Over a period of almost three hours at The Cooperage, Ciohon and hapless host Tyler Maas took down close to a case of beer between them and a lot of shots as they talked about food…and a bunch of other random things. Beyond highlighting Ciohon’s unique background and his thoughts on the Milwaukee culinary community, some of inebriated asides included conversation about sparkling water, jam bands, frozen pizza, and former NHL star Pavel Bure. It’s bittersweet the series is coming to an end, but this freewheeling and altogether enjoyable episode was a great one to go out on.

Shot For Shot With Chefs was filmed and directed by Cheston Van Huss. Travis Whitty produced the opening sequence. John Griffin was a production assistant. Cheston Van Huss and Ellie Jackson edited. Music featured in this episode comes courtesy of Midwest Death Rattle. The series is sponsored by Boone & Crockett, Bofferding, and Great Northern Distilling.

Special thanks to Emily at The Cooperage for all her help, to Cheston Van Huss and all the other videographers who were part of the series, to our sponsors who made this strange endeavor possible, to the chefs who boldly partook in the experience, to Midwest Death Rattle for letting us use their music, and to anyone who watched a Shot For Shot With Chefs episode.