Milwaukee’s Lake Park is an absolute gem. In addition to its sprawling paths, its towering lighthouse, and its gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, the East Side park boasts a 3-par, 18-hole golf course. It’s called Lake Park Golf Course. And its beginner-friendly charms are documented in a new video called—you’ll never guess—Lake Park Golf Course.

Lake Park Golf Course from Dan Black on Vimeo.

The 14-minute video is the work of Milwaukee filmmaker/musician Dan Black, who creates under the moniker BangLocalDads. Like Black’s previous BUCKS IN SIX film, Lake Park Golf Course is a droll and observational piece of work, capturing mundane and quietly funny moments from a distance: People golfing. People golfing some more. People golfing poorly. A guy losing his ball in the brush. (“Oh god!”) A wedding. Some groomsmen waiting to use a Porta John. Some motorcyclists unexpectedly tearing ass through the park. More.

Oh, and the breeze. The constant, steady, soothing sound of the breeze. All captured on a late summer day in 2021. (Note the Lime scooter in the picture above.) It’s strangely hypnotic. It’s great. It’s Lake Park Golf Course. It’s Lake Park Golf Course.

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