The Astor Hotel has been a Milwaukee institution for nearly 100 years, welcoming visitors and locals alike with a touch of class and old-school charm. Its website? Not so much. Last Friday, a user on the Milwaukee subreddit (yeah, we’re sourcing this from Reddit; deal with it) discovered that the hotel’s website had fallen victim to some offensive/confusing cyber graffiti. In addition to being more or less broken, was tagged with the lines “what do black people do what do black people do.” Clicking on the text led to a spam website. (We do not recommend clicking that link.)

Oh well, stuff like this happens to websites all the time. Good thing the offending lines were…wait, um, they’re still there now, on Monday afternoon. According to the Journal Sentinel, Astor management has been alerted to the now four-day-old problem, and are “trying to get in touch with the person who did our website to get that taken off.” If nothing else, this proves you should keep your friends close, but your web developers closer.

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