Welcome to Food/Drink Week at Milwaukee Record, brought to you by Milwaukee’s new favorite import, Bofferding. From May 13 through May 20, belly up and enjoy a fresh smattering of restaurant visits, beer articles, booze videos, deliciously arbitrary rankings, and some good old fashioned adventure food journalism.

The latest episode of Shot For Shot With Chefs, our food-focused and booze-fueled series, finds hapless host Tyler Maas getting to know Amilinda co-owner/chef and all-around great guy Gregory León over a bunch of beers and a handful of shots. Over the course of long, informative, altogether enjoyable, and relatively drunk discussion at The Cooperage, the pair—who had never met prior to the shoot—talked about León’s extensive background in the culinary industry, foods he misses from his native Venezuela, why Milwaukee’s dining scene is so tight-knit, how he balances his work and personal life, and his unironic love of casseroles. Along the way, the two downed a river of Great Northern Potato Vodka and Bofferding Pils as they became fast friends and touched on important topics like candy bars, pets, food allergies, and Kylie Minogue.

Shot For Shot With Chefs was shot and directed by Cheston Van Huss (with additional camera support by Samantha Kirchoff). Travis Whitty produced the opening sequence. The series is sponsored by Boone & Crockett, Bofferding, Great Northern Distilling, and Three Cellars.