Just a few weeks after tying one on and forging a fast friendship with Amilinda co-owner/chef and all-around great guy Gregory León for the first Shot for Shot With Chefs episode of 2019, we returned to The Cooperage to get to know another respected member of Milwaukee’s culinary community. Propped up a pub table stocked with Bofferding beer and Great Northern spirits, hapless host Tyler Maas spent a few hours learning about The Tandem owner and chef Caitlin Cullen…and drinking a lot of alcohol.

Between shots of rye whiskey and sips of Luxembourg’s finest beer, Cullen talked about the random set of circumstances that brought her to Milwaukee, how she applies her background in education to running a restaurant, and how the legendary chicken joint came dangerously close to specializing in Irish cuisine. Over the course of the night, the inspiring and informative look into Cullen’s life took some fun, drunken turns that brought on topics like SNL, Michigan sports, the lever system, and Miley Cyrus. Oh, and Maas decided to burst into song a bunch and then invented an alter-ego named “Tyler Florentes” (or Valentez?) for some reason.

Shot For Shot With Chefs was filmed and directed by Cheston Van Huss (with additional camera support by Cole Quamme). Travis Whitty produced the opening sequence. Music featured in this episode comes courtesy of Midwest Death Rattle. The series is sponsored by Boone & Crockett, Bofferding, and Great Northern Distilling.