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It’s no secret that, in general, chefs are incredible drinkers. Between the long hours spent on their feet in hot kitchens, the chaotic work atmosphere, and the generally thankless aspects of the job, its hard to keep up with chefs once they finally get a chance to unwind at a bar after their shift ends. That doesn’t mean we can’t try to match their pace.

Last summer, Milwaukee Record filmed the pilot episode of a new series called Shot For Shot With Chefs. The booze-fueled and food-focused web series features hapless host Tyler Maas talking about the ins and outs of Milwaukee dining with a local chef over some drinks. Okay, lots of drinks. The format is broad and the conversation will touch a variety of areas, but there’s one rule: when the chef drinks, Tyler also has to drink.

The first installment features Goodkind co-owner/chef Paul Zerkel, a respected name in Milwaukee dining and a legendary drinker by his own right. After two-plus hours together and 17 shots apiece (yes, SEVENTEEN), they emerged with a few minutes of interesting, informative, and entertaining footage. Hear Zerkel talk about his culinary background, Goodkind’s incomparable rotisserie, and his favorite instrument on the Night Court theme as Maas attempts—and utterly fails—to keep it together.

Shot For Shot With Chefs was directed and edited by Samantha Kirchoff (with additional camera and audio support by Cheston Van Huss. Music from Midwest Death Rattle was used in the episode. The series is sponsored by Boone & Crockett, Company Brewing, and Great Northern Distilling.