Earlier this year we rounded up eight “cursed” Milwaukee business locations—locations that, for one reason or another, can’t seem to hold on to steady tenants. One of them was the space below Beans & Barley on Milwaukee’s East Side (1905 E. North Ave.), which has stood vacant since 2013. The site has seen a number of businesses come and go over the years: Shooter’s, Esoteria, Mantra Lounge, Decibel/DeepBar, and, most recently, The Library Club. Now, according to the Journal Sentinel, the basement of Beans will soon be filled by a mini-golf tavern. Yep, a mini-golf tavern.

The bar will be called Nine Below, and is being opened by Splash Studio owner Marla Poytinger. Further details haven’t been released, but a license application notes the majority of Nine Below’s revenue is expected to come from an “interactive indoor miniature golf course.” “That’s the part that is top secret at this point,” Poytinger tells the Journal Sentinel. “It’s a really cool twist on mini golf. It’s definitely not your average mini golf experience.”

Construction on Nine Below is expected to begin in May. An opening date is currently set for August.