Back in July, incomparable Milwaukee singer, rapper, producer, and multi-instrumental force Klassik put out his SummerSkool EP. The four-song release, which instantly earned mention on our “favorite Milwaukee of 2023 (so far)” list, is a commendable continuation of the versatile artist’s ongoing creative evolution. The EP manages to take some experimental risks without being at all alienating and, as the name suggest, it also has an underlying summertime feel. It’s great.

Summer might be over, but Klassik—who previously released a four-movement, 12-song Seasons album in 2015—is a musician that can be enjoyed all year long. Case in point: Here in mid-October, we’re still loving the hell out of Klassik’s SummerSkool EP single “K” and its recently released music video. With the help of Rakim Wil of Cinema.Opn., “K” echoes the next-level visuals of other recent videos like “ACTIVE” and “All Comes Back,” as Klassik overlooks Milwaukee from the top of a downtown parking ramp and doles out lyrics while walking the city streets in the sweltering swoon of summer.

Klassik says the final product is “an impactful and simple visual performance that allowed me to accentuate the themes of confidence, vulnerability, adaptivity, and ambitiousness that run throughout this song, the EP, and my catalog as a whole.”

Keep the smooth summer vibes rolling into fall and check out Klassik’s “K” music video below.

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