Here, in the age of the bedroom EP and at a time when albums can be captured by laptop microphones at a stream of consciousness pace, the recording industry is having to deal with some serious changes. Though there are now many more recording tools at musicians’ disposal than there were even 10 years ago, trained professionals with high-end equipment and years of experience will always have a place in music. Even with the rampant growth of self-recording, a wealth of local bands and acts from elsewhere are still relying on Milwaukee professionals to record, mix, and master their material.

Recently, host Tyler Maas brought his microphone to Mystery Room Mastering in Bay View, sacrilegiously opened up GarageBand and recorded his conversation with Mystery Room owner Justin Perkins—who formerly worked at Simple Studios in Green Bay and the legendary Smart Studios in Madison—and Shane Olivo, who owns “Milwaukee’s longest-running music production facility,” Bobby Peru Recording. Between them, they’ve recorded and refined a staggering amount of releases, from too many well-respected Wisconsin acts to name, and nationally known commodities like Fall Out Boy, The Replacements, and many more. Both also worked on the latest from Sugar Stems and Tenement. Together, they told Maas about their origin in the recording business, ways the industry has changed, and the unseen time and labor that goes into making a song sound perfect. The Obsoletes, Perkins’ former band that will reunite to play with Tommy Stinson at Club Garibaldi on Friday, were also mentioned.

As always, this episode of On The Record is brought to you by our friends at Ale Asylum and 42 Lounge / 42 Ale House. Music in this episode includes a Bobby Peru-recorded Direct Hit! song (“Say Whatever”) and a Bobby Peru-record/Mystery Room mixed and mastered number by Tenement (“You Keep Me Cool”). Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher.