Let’s just get this out of the way before it disappears from your Facebook feed like so many other “10 bands I’ve seen live…but 1 is a lie!” time-wasters: Over the weekend, everyone got really into using Google’s Arts & Culture app to compare their selfies to famous paintings. “Is your portrait in a museum?” the app asks. Using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and an implicit trust in the friendly folks at Google, the answer is…sort of!

Anyway, here’s what happened when we fed the app some famous Milwaukee faces.

Solomon Juneau

Byron Kilbourn

George Walker

Tom Barrett (with mustache)

Bob Uecker (Mr. Belvedere era)

Bob Uecker (Major League era)

Bob Uecker (choked-by-Andre-The-Giant era)

Bob Uecker (statue)

Lawrencia Bembenek


Brother Ron

Rollie Fingers

Scott Walker


Bronze Fonz

Ex-Sheriff Clarke

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