Remember in 2019 when the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers announced they were changing their name to “Wisconsin Udder Tuggers” for one game? Remember how it resulted in lots of attention (by A-level minor league baseball standards, at least) and tons of sales of Udder Tuggers apparel that showed a pissed off cow with its teats hanging out? Well, it appears as if the Milwaukee Milkmen don’t just remember that, they’re trying to take the dairy-based debauchery to the next level.

On Sunday, June 20, the reigning American Association champions based in nearby Franklin, Wisconsin will take the field as the Milwaukee Sweet Teats. The ribald rebranding appears to combine imagery that’s reminiscent with Sweet Tarts candy with udders…because that’s where milk comes from or whatever. Anyway, the team will be auctioning off these, um…interesting autographed game-worn garments after the game. So if you want to see the Milkmen sporting these Sweet Teats jerseys in person and/or you want to own one of these for some reason, now you know.

According to FOX 6 reporter Lily Zhao, this Sunday’s game will be one of two times the Milkmen will take the field as the Sweet Teats this season. And it looks like there’s another design in place for that eventual game/auction as well.

We’ve yet to receive word on whether the Milwaukee Admirals intend to play a game as the Milwaukee Pucksticks in their 2021 season, but we’ll keep you posted.

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