Mark Borchardt is a Milwaukee icon, as familiar as the wings of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the shores of Lake Michigan, or the jean shorts on that guy who sells hot dogs on the corner of Wisconsin and Water in the summer. The filmmaker’s latest project, the 40-minute documentary The Dundee Project, is available on DVD and VOD. His black-and-white classic Coven, which was featured in 1999’s American Movie, has its own wine. And this spring, Borchardt will be honored by the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival with its 2019 Backbone of Wisconsin Horror Award.

“The Backbone of Wisconsin Horror Award is given to someone that helps keep horror a thriving genre in Wisconsin,” reads a press release. “Mark has been a making movies in Wisconsin for years and his short film Coven has become a cult classic. He has been an inspiration to many horror filmmakers in Wisconsin and beyond. The award will be a custom design by Stinky Goblin Emporium. Mark will be presented with the award following the Twisted Wisconsin Short Block on Friday April 5th.”

The 2019 Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival is set for April 4-7 at the Times Cinema. Borchardt will be there, and so will Joe Bob Briggs! Milwaukee Record says check it out, man.